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Read it! To know the incredible features of Facebook that you might not aware of!!

Facebook is an amazing social media platform that has bridge the gap of distance and brings your dearest one close to you. It is Facebook which makes it able to you to connect to your dearest one who is miles apart from you that even within a few clicks. Yes, Facebook plays a big role in the era of technology and made it easy for people to talk to their loved ones.

As we all are aware that every day there is some innovation or addition in the world of technology. So, Facebook is also not behind anything. Facebook also updates itself as the needs of the people and today’s life ‘style. There are so many additions Facebook has done from the time it has developed. If you are one of those who has a Facebook account, then this blog is surely be liked by you. Today let’s know some wonderful features have been added in the Facebook app from which you are not aware.

Let’s know how these features will be beneficial for you and how they are making this brilliant social media app more interesting. Although, there is a Facebook phone number of customer care are available on your Facebook app on which you can inquiry but let’s read this blog and get to know the delightful features of Facebook.

Publish a blog via Note feature

Yes, Via Facebook Note feature, you can publish a blog and can connect to the large audience. This feature is highly beneficial for small and medium businesses. Via this wonderful feature of Facebook, people promote their brand and products. Also, publishing a blog on Facebook comes soon on Google ranking because Facebook is the favorite social media platform of Google. If you are promoting a site, then this your blog post on Note will drive more traffic on your site. Also, here the word limit for the statue updating is more than 420 words. In addition to this, you are getting any problem in updating the blog on Note, and then you can contact the Facebook support phone number. They are always one call away to you and surely guide and help you.

Can do video call

Now Facebook has updated itself and you can’t only do the chatting on Facebook but also can do the video call. Yes, now it is easy to see your near and dear ones via Facebook video call. Also, it is a very easy process by just clicking a few tabs and your video call will connect to the person whom you want to talk to and see. If you have any queries regarding via video call settings or how to do a video call, then without thing much, you can dial the Facebook helpline phone number. Here all queries will be answered.

Subscribe a News channel

On Facebook, now you can read the news also. For knowing what’s going on in the world, you don’t have to spend money on the newspaper; you can read all type of news on Facebook itself. For reading the news, what you have to do is just subscribe to your favorite news channel and let’s the latest update on your Facebook page of that particular news channel. One more advantage is that you can subscribe to more than one news channel. If you are getting any problem in the subscription of the news channels, then Facebook customer service phone number is available for you and you can dial this toll-free number anytime day or night and those people will guide you.

Create a Scrapbook

Yes, there is an option in Facebook where you can create a private scrapbook and can put the beautiful photos of yours. Here, you can keep this scrapbook private or public that is completely your choice. It is a wonderful option which you can create by going on your profile and clicking the about page, then family and relationship and finally, you will see Scrapbook on the top of the page. There you can click on ‘get started’ button. It is very easy to create Scrapbook where you can safely keep the photo of your child or yours. In case of any problem, you can dial the Facebook contact phone number.

Can look the history of FB

On Facebook, there is one option of the history of Facebook. Yes, by clicking on that page, you can know what you have done in the past years on the same day. It is an interesting option and also it is a wonderful reminder of the time you have enjoyed on Facebook years before.

Hope! All these features, you found interesting and would like to try. So, stop scrolling on the home page of Facebook and let’s try its new amazing features and make your Facebook account more interesting. Also, let’s contact Facebook customer service if any case you are getting any problem. The big advantage is that you can dial this number whether the issue in your account is small or big. These people fix your query or issue with easy because all the people are experts with good experience and knowledge about Facebook.

Use Facebook as a blessing in your life because it is one of the biggest successes of the 21st century, so use it well and enjoy the technology development with the full heart.


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